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BMS Kung Fu

BMS has a harmonising effect. it balances the individual, harnessing over-aggression and giving drive to the over-passive. In practising the system the inner power -CHI- is developed to a high degree enabling both men and women regardless of size, strength, speed or power to become competent in self-defence.

The International Body Mind and Spirit Institute is a professionally run multi-disciplined organisation dedicated to maintaining high standards of integrated martial arts and healing arts excellence.

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Kung Fu
Self Defence

  • BMS Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • BMS Grappling
  • BMS Qi Gong and Tai Chi
  • BMS Self Defence Strategies
  • BMS Holistic Therapeutic Massage


Al Gannon
Tel: 07884 484869
Email: info@algannon.com


Tues 10.00-12.00am
Kung Fu
Qi Gong

Wed Evening 6.00-7.45pm
Introductary Course
Chinese Longsword incorporating sticking sword technique
Butterfly/8 Slash Sword

Personal training by appointment

The Loft (Little Dippers)
40-42 Upper Gardener St.

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